Thursday, February 24, 2011

Two Months!

Yep, it has been two months since my last trip here. I just haven't felt like sitting still for long periods of time and writing. Really, nothing to share. Well, there is but once again, I was just letting it happen instead of writing about what I want to happen. With this in mind, I think I am being more productive and I am happy. I am in love. Gushy kind of love. The kind that makes me giggle at little pink hearts and dream big dreams. The best part is that he loves me. Oh, yeah, I am in love with him at the same time as he is in love with me. I know it happens all the time, but wow, think about that. To be in love at the same time just amazes me. I remember being about six in the front of my mom's car, without a seatbelt (70's) and wondering out loud how hard that must be. She told me it would happen one day to me, and she didn't lie.

Enough about that. I just threw it out to the universe, but there is no need to ram it down your throat. It is what it is.

With that said, here is a new recipe:

I modified the recipe by using Frank Red Hots because is there really any other kind. No, I think not. It is the sauce that counts, after all. Also, if you are looking for a healthier lifestyle check out All the benefits of other weight loss sites but FREE. Gotta love that.

Now time for something completely different:

A personal message to the one who once knew he that should not be named: Look, I know what happened, and I don't blame you, and I am not looking for confrontation. Yes, many lives were hurt, including two very special people whom I love, but like all good disasters, many factors contributed to the ship sinking. I am not a victim. My life is better than ever, and it took the disaster for me to find true peace and happiness; however, I won't be thanking you anytime soon. It is always a rough road when trust is destroyed, but know, at one time I called you friend, and there lies the rub. Every action has a positive or negative reaction. Many years ago our worlds exploded from said actions, and even today, on peaceful sunny days, vibrations are still felt. Those vibrations will be felt for many of us for several more years to come, but thankfully, we have the grace to move forward instead of going backwards. To directly confront you would be, at least for me, one huge step backwards. So, I just type this to be said and removed from the swirling in my my head. I don't absolve nor do I need to forgive, but I must have my say. I was the only one without a voice and now I am heard.

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