Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Home Scenes

Well, I am sick, yuck. I don't think it is what everybody else is having; I am unique :) I have pain in my side and back, and the pain was so severe yesterday it caused me to have other stomach troubles. I am feeling better today, but I am horribly weak. I have slept all day on my mom's couch, but at least I didn't have to call a sub. My district has called off for the rest of the week. One school near us had almost 50% of the student population out with some form of the creeping cruds. I have a feeling it is going to be a long winter.

Thing One is feeling much better, thank goodness, but she is tiring easily. All in all, however, she is 100% better than she was. Thing Two hasn't slowed down for one second. Which is good because Trick or Treat is tomorrow night, and Saturday I have invited some friends up for costumes and adult conversation. Hopefully, everybody will be there, and the creeping cruds stay away. If you know me personally, and you want to come, call for directions, and we will have a Candy Corn Cocktail waiting for you.

Happy Haunting!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Songs Inspiring Me Today

I love this song because it reminds I am never truly alone. The music within me makes me whole, a world I have built on my own:

This is just fun:

And Just because Janis made the world a brighter place. I love her:

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Happy Halloween

I don't normally post real pictures of us, but in spirit of the season:

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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Life in Small Doses

I haven't posted in several days just because I couldn't think of what to write. Life is moving fast and furious, and I am learning to stop and just take it in small doses. School, work, and creeping cruds have overtaken our every day existence, and it may overwhelm us if we don't stop and breathe.

Thing One is sick, very sick. Thank goodness it isn't H1N1, but she had a high fever from Saturday until last night. As prayer went through my church's prayer chain (Thanks, Gran), it broke. She is still dizzy and weak, her head is pounding, and yes, she is just miserable, but in all this, we find smiles. We enjoyed the two days I took off to be with her at home. We enjoyed the movie Ghost Cat with a very young Ellen Page, and we just enjoyed being together on the couch. Life in small doses can bring blessings.

Speaking of blessing, funny how you can find them in the oddest places. How about the Dollar Store? Yep, even there. My gran is not feeling well, and I stopped for some medicine. As I walked out with my package in one hand, and my son's hand in the other, I looked to the hills and saw the brilliance of the gold, orange, and red. I felt the cool air on my cheeks. I saw people hurrying to pick some small items they need for today, and this overwhelming sense of thanksgiving washed over me. I am part of this wheel of life, and I just have a tiny corner of the world to occupy, but I am so blessed to have it. I about the 9Th generation of women to pass over these mountains, and I am thankful to have my stand. I may crave more coffee shops, museums, and sound in general, but today the quiet of the mountains, and the blessings of this small town touched me. The mountains wrap me in comfort and give me peace. Life in small doses is fine by me.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Time For Six Word Saturday

Click and make a trip to Cate's:

Looking forward but with lonely heart.

Nothing wrong. The kids are with their father, and I am happy for them and him, but sometimes the quiet makes me heartsick. I think it is an early morning, too much time to think thing.

Perfect Crockpot Chicken Noodle Soup

Today was a very busy but lovely beginning to our Halloween Festivities.  My husband and I went to a Farmers' Market that was featuring ...