Monday, April 11, 2011

*Some of my Favorite Things*

Here are a list of random item that are currently putting a smile on my face:

1.  HomeGoods

2.  The return of wedges

3.  Pedicures

4.  My kindle:   Here is my latest adventure:

It is the perfect companion to my rereading of Macbeth

5.   My soon to be wedding ring

6.  Gardening

7.  Trying to cook

8.  Spring evenings listening to the frogs. 

9.  Fried pickles

10.  Fresh fruits, espcially watermelon


Marisa @ getting Back To Basics said...

I have never had a fried pickle, in fact I never heard tell of them until about a week ago. I think i will give them a pass, not because I don't think I will like them...just the opposite. I'm afraid once I start eating them I won't be able to stop...not good for the diet!

Robynbeth said...

Oh, how I love them, and yes, it is for the best to avoid them because one is never enough.

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