Sunday, March 18, 2012

Do You Pinterest?

I do.  I am now an addict, and I try to only surf it during the weekends so I won't waste countless hours on it.  Here are some things I learned/done/made/bought due to the wonder of Pinterest:

1.  Lesson Plans:  There are so many new ideas out there, and teachers love organizational tools, so going on Pinterest should count as professional development.  Just type in what you are looking for and there it is, in a cute picture and smile.  Life got easier.

2.  Planning my wedding:  Okay, I am planning an elopement, but Pinterest is helping me to organize the dream vs.  reality of the big day.  It is much more fun than just using a big notebook, which I have as well.  I also have a few of my own ideas, and I am looking forward to sharing, as well.

3.  Organized my closet:  I used Pinterest to make outfits out of clothes I own, and now I go to my board to help organize what I am going to wear during the week. 

4.  Cleaning House:  Take a dryer sheet and wipe off your baseboards.  It attracts the dust and repeals it so it stays cleaner longer. 
I love, love my organizational board because it reflects the life I really would like to have. 

5.  Cooking:  Biscuits, pound cake, and more.  Yep, I have found some wonderful ideas and it is cheaper than buying new cookbooks. 

The appeal of Pinterest is that is shows you the life you want if you had the money and the time.  It is like a modern day fairy tale with neat little virtual boards to tidy up and slay my giants.

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