Wednesday, July 22, 2009

All Shook Up

Thing One came running into the living room with a look of shock and fear on her face. Immediately I started looking for Thing Two. I just knew she was finally successful her in her quest to flush him down the toilet. I just wish it had been that simple.

"Mom, did you know Jared Leto is old?"

"H., he isn't that old. He is my age. I need to get you My So Called...,"she didn't even give me time to finish.

"No, the guy from 30 Seconds from Mars cannot be your age," her words dripped with pure disgust. She was treading on dangerous territory. Didn't she realize she was talking to the woman who controlled her next CD purchase, Hot Topic tee, and her college tuition?

"Baby, I am really not that old."

"No, you aren't. You are the perfect age for a mom but not a rock star." I almost expected her pat me on the head and ask if I needed more prunes.

"Well, don't say that to Madonna."

"Who? Oh, that old lady on your Ipod."

'Nuff said.


Evil Twin's Wife said...

Ah, I can finally leave a comment. Welcome back to the blog world.

Your daughter is a hoot!

Hyphen Beth said...

OMG!! We are not old!!! LOL!

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