Thursday, July 23, 2009

Pine Sol, Baby

The truth will set you free, or in my case, cause me to scrub down my living room walls with Pine Sol at 2 AM. I rediscovered a not so well kept secret by somebody who I once loved, and I cleaned to avoid the fact it still can hurt sometimes, even after all these years. The past has a beautiful way of reminding you that you are human and flawed, but in a way, I am thankful now for the pain and muck. I didn't exactly make lemonade with what life gave me, but I sucked the lemon, dealt with it, and tossed it away. My life is my own, and I now have really nice shining walls and a clean, fresh scent.


Evil Twin's Wife said...

You are far better off being out of that situation!

Robynbeth said...

I know, and I say prayers of Thanksgiving every day.

Hyphen Beth said...

You are a better woman for dealing with the lemon you were handed. Am in the process of dealing with my own bag of sh. . er lemons . .so the fact you made it through is great to see. (Plus you now have really clean walls- gotta love that, even if we dont love the reason they got scrubbed)