Thursday, November 12, 2009

Ah-ha About the Dream

I figured it all out: He dreamed I was searching in earnest for something, and I was opening several different doors. I was dressed in clothes from the 30s, and in one hand, I held a sword. The other hand was a candle. This week I caught several students cheating, but I lack the proof needed to proceed formally. In one hand, I hold justice. The other hand is the truth. Deep, very deep, especially since he didn't know about the job stress. He did say the dream ended happily.

Funny what dreams reveal. Maybe he is just watching too many old movies at night.

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Gabriella Moonlight said...

Of course if you look at the Tarot card, the card of The Empress would fit you well...truth/!

I still like my interpretation LOL
Big hugs to you all!!!
Happy Fall

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