Monday, November 16, 2009

Lucky Me

I love Styx. No, seriously, I really do. They have been dear to my heart for well over twenty years now, and this is with or without Dennis. Amazing voice, but he just doesn't seem like a nice guy at all. Anyway, Saturday was my Styx experience. I had the pleasure of seeing Tommy Shaw in a bar in Nashville two years ago, but even as good as it was, it couldn't even begin to compare to this weekend. The band's energy was contagious, and I really do believe they are getting better with age. Fun, fun, so much fun. My girlfriends and I had a blast, especially with the opening act--Bo Bice. Oh, man, he is soooooo good. Sexy, talented, and I swear, he must have the best hair in show business. He is also a really, super nice guy. He was listening to Styx and was more than happy to meet the handful fan that found him with the sound guy. He touched me!!!!!!!! No, I mean his music touched me.

Here is Styx with Lawrence Gowan singing my favorite Beatles song, and yes, I love this version. All is good for me:

And now a little Bo:

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Gabriella Moonlight said...

These are great....I love covers so that was a treat!

Glad you had a blast...

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