Sunday, February 21, 2010

Spring is Just Around the Corner

Even though we may have rain tonight, and snow and really cold temps are in the forecast, today has been wonderful. The sun was shining, and the kids have been walking, climbing, jumping, and playing outside for the past several hours. I was even able to finally clean up my yard and get rid of the winter yucks. I am thinking of trying my hand at a vegetable garden, but I am not exactly gifted with a green thumb. I am willing to try though, and I swear, one day, I will grow pumpkins. I had beautiful vines a few years ago, but my grass cutter put the end to those dreams. There is always this year.

There is something about putting down roots and watching things grow. Even though I do not want to buy a house right now (commitment phobias), I do have an idea of what I want in a dream home:

I found this a few days ago and fell in love. It has everything I have ever wanted in a home. Now, I just need to fall in love with a carpenter and maybe hit the lottery.

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