Saturday, March 27, 2010

So tired...

1. Of my state messing with my health insurance. Come 2011, I may not be able to take my children to the doctor, and then I get an email from my state rep. saying sacrifices have to be made for the greater good. Yeah, and if you take away my co-pays as a state employee, I may be sacrificing my vote for you for the greater good.

2. Mistresses. It seems that mistresses are getting all the glory in the press, and our infatuation with these women is wrong. They are being rewarded for their behavior. The man is at fault. No denial there, BUT it takes two. The mistresses were full aware the men were married. No shock there, but they continued with the affairs for their own personal gain. Now, the media flocks to them. On a personal note, I am tired of seeing this at a local level as well. Just this week I saw a girlfriend rub her victory into the face of the wife in a humiliating online forum. Why? Where is there victory when children and family are involved involved? Karma, sweetie, karma.

3. of being overwhelmed. The spring has burst upon me, and I feel like Alice tumbling through the rabbit hole, except there is no Johnny Depp on the other side. Oh, well, that is life, and it happens. Everybody falls through the hole, it is how we handle Wonderland that makes the difference.

4. Bullies. I HATE bullies. My daughter dealt with one this week beautifully. The boy was spreading lies because she wouldn't "date" him. They are eleven. She went to the guidance office, asked for advice, and the guidance councilor handled it on a school level. Thing Two then handled it on a personal level, and hopefully, the situation is now a memory. I am proud how she stood up for herself and her friends, but it is a shame she had to do it at such a young age. I remember though. Kids are cruel. Then they sit across from you at a reunion planning committee meeting and act like your best friend. Once again, Karma.

5. of people who back up without looking. I know, sometimes it is hard to see in a parking lot, but this wasn't the case in my situation. Thank goodness I noticed the break lights going off and moved. Also, I live close to an intersection where "right on red" is allowed, but some believe I should stop at my green light to allow them their "right". No, babe, that isn't how it works. Sometimes I wish I had a monster truck...bahahahahaha.

Okay, the negative is being released. I am shaking it off and letting it go. My next post will be a lot more positive.

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