Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Hills Are Alive...

With two girls screaming.  My daughter and I went hiking today.  I live nestled in the Appalachian Mountains, and there is a cemetery directly behind my house.  After that you have nothing but hillside.  She and I went straight up the mountain and hiked over to the neighboring community.  It was wonderful to see our world from that height. It felt empowering, and then reality came.  Going home downhill was fun, but let's say not as much fun.  Well, let's say missing the cemetery and veering too far left was not as fun. Finding the hollow, but also finding the steep drop to a creek wasn't as fun.  Climbing down and jumping the creek was not as fun, but we did it.  Yes, we did it.  We walked the short distance back to our house feeling a sense of wonder and pride.  We could have whined and complained but we climbed the mountain and came home again without a whimper.  A lot like life I dare say.  You reach the summit but sometimes you then have to come down.  Sometimes you have to jump a hurdle or two to reach solid ground.  Sometimes there are briers holding you back, but then you feel the road beneath your feet.  It is going to be okay.

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