Thursday, March 31, 2011

I am moving, as I type.  All of my belongings are in boxes in the living room.  My world is a swirl of chaos that I cannot even comprehend.  I hate this part right here.  I hate boxes of clothes, papers, and stuff...just stuff.  Things that don't really matter, but I cannot bear to even throw away.  My memories are torn apart and it will be months before I will find a sense of belonging again.  This is just a stepping stone kind of move.  Moving to my grandmother's house until this summer when I say I do to another address.  I am now a transient. 

It was a good opportunity to rid myself of some things, and yes, over fifteen bags and boxes went to Goodwill.  Every time I pulled up to the door, I found a sense of renewal.  It is a wonderful experience to free yourself from the clutter of the everyday.  Now if only I could find the house cleaning fairy to come and do the rest.

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