Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Another Summer Reading Treat

So far this summer, my reading has centered around education and professional development.  I am switching school districts this fall, and I am looking for inspiration, page by page.  Needless to say, I became a bit bored.  My choices were good, but I got a hankering for something...well....fun.  Here is what I found so far:

Bubba and the Dead Woman
This mystery is free right now for Amazon Kindle, and I have to say it was entertaining.  The bad guy is not that difficult to figure out, but that didn't deter me from finishing it in one evening.  This characters are a hoot, especially Bubba's mama.  A nice, little mystery.

Still Life with Murder (Gilded Age Mysteries #1)
Now it is time for something completely different.  The characters are far from light and fluffy.  The mystery is dark and complex, and I cannot get enough.  Nell becomes the unlikely governess for a wealthy family right after they discover their two sons have died in Andersonville.  Three years later, the eldest son is very much alive and accused of murder.  He is far from perfect with an Opium addiction, and the author doesn't gloss over the character flaws.  I wouldn't call the mysteries "gritty" but they do have an edge to them, and once I began to read, I couldn't stop.  I finished book two last night, and I have a feeling I will have the entire series read by July.  There are six books in all.

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