Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Simple Wanna Be Cook Makes French Toast

Yeah, so what.  Big deal.  I know, French Toast is not rocket science, but I had a house full of people and not much time on Saturday until a wedding (not mine).  How was I going to feed them?  A few weeks ago, I read about making French Toast the night before and then baking it.  That sounded perfect, and this is what I did with the ingridients I had on hand:

1.  One loaf of French Bread.  I cut it into about one inch slices
2. One cup of heavy whipping cream
3. Five eggs
4.  A dash of vanilla
5.  1/2 cup of sugar
6.  Cinnamon
a.  Whip the eggs with the cream and vanilla
b.  Layer a baking pan with bread and pour mixture to saturate. 
c.  Refrigerate overnight
d.  Preheat oven to 400
e.  Pour sugar and cinnamon over the bread
f.  Bake twenty minutes
g.  Serve hot

I wish I had a picture, but people were too hungry.  My son ate it with bananas and syrup, and asked for more.  Since he is my most critical eater, I took it as a compliment.  This recipe will be made again soon, but I am thinking of making a blueberry syrup to go with it.  I also like making eggnog French Toast in the winter, and I believe this will translate nicely with a little nutmeg instead of cinnamon. 

I will take pictures. 

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