Saturday, November 3, 2012

Long Time No Type

I know it has been months and months, but here I come, once again, with my hat in hand.   To be honest, I have been changing my focus and bearings.  No, it is still faith and family, but we are struggling with how to be less wasteful, gardening disasters (why did he plant that many tomatoes!?), and coming up with a quality life on a budget.

This week I am researching on how to do my own DIY cleaners.  Once again, God bless Pinterest.  I can kill hours trying to be a better person.  Anyway, tomorrow, the Flatlander and I are going to try our hand at making our own detergent.  I really hope it cleans well.  I found the recipe, and the source is from a Dugger Family website.  If anybody knows how to do laundry, it should be them.  I love my Tide Pods,  but with all of our laundry, it is costing me a fortune.  Here is the link:

Keep your fingers crossed for us, and I will let you know in our next post how it goes.

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