Sunday, December 13, 2009


I haven't been myself for the past week. I was even out on Monday for what I thought was a routine U.T.I. I was in pain, and I had no energy, and today we found out why: I am the proud parent of a kidney stone. I am looking forward to meeting it so I can get some relief. It has truly been a horrible, no good day with a four hour trip to the ER. I am not a wuss, but I felt like I was in labor, and no bouncing baby to show for it. I have always heard the pain was severe, but I was not prepared for this at all.
I was to go Christmas shopping today with my parents, but I never got out of the driveway. I sent them, and I went home, but within minutes it was apparent I needed help. I drove myself and then proceeded to cry like a baby once I got there. My mother had her mother's intuition on full blast, and they turned around and met me at the hospital. I am truly thankful for her, even if I was cranky. The two hours I was there alone was frightening. Being single today wasn't fun at all. I really just wanted somebody to hold my hand and tell me it was going to be okay.
My parents had my children with them, and the ER staff allowed my daughter to come back to me, and I am amazed by how grown up she is. At one point, she took it upon herself to ask the doctor what was taking so long, especially with me in that much pain. She didn't have to do that and wasn't asked, but she is a very shy child, and it took guts and love to ask that question. My boy child was in the waiting room, and my dad caught him at the window telling the admissions clerk he wanted his mommy. He wasn't allowed to come to me, but I was able to stand outside the window and wave at him. Broke my heart, and I almost walked out right then, but my daddy saved the day with a trip to Subway.
Well, this is not how I wanted to spend my night, and I hope this is over soon. I hate not having control of my own body. This is minor though, and it will pass, literally and figuratively. Even though I am in this much pain, I still remember I am the fortunate one.

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