Sunday, August 16, 2009

Ah, Amore

So, we have survived the first week of school, and everything has went very well for all. I love my classes, and for the most part, the students are great. I have several fun and challenging personalities that will make this an interesting year. I am wondering if the Antichrist is in one class, but that is a blog for another time. Thing Two is embracing third grade with a contagious excitement that is rarely seen outside of reality television. He loves his teacher. He loves his new best friend. He loves it all. Every morning he bounced out of bed looking for a new adventure. Thing One is still wondering what the fuss is about middle school. She is so my child on many aspects. She has very little tolerance for the laid back teacher. She sees through the jokes and wonders if he is just lazy. Hopefully, he is just funny and not the other. She loves the teachers who are difficult because she knows they will challenge her. She told me her English teacher told it like it was, and she wasn't going to put up with nonsense, and Thing One loves her.

That isn't the only thing that has Thing One's attention. It seems in trying to find classes and figure out the new locker, she has also noticed C., and C. is so pretty. She blushes as she describes him, and giggles when she revels he is sitting next to her in 6th period. Boys have noticed her since preschool. Her preschool teacher told me she has the magic ability to make boys stupid, and she does even though she has no clue. Every Christmas and Valentine's Day a new teddy bear or heart shaped necklace will come in possession, and she just thinks that they are such good friends. She never thought they more than that. They were sometimes just gum on her shoes, annoying in their attempts. She never understood their attention. She was too young. C. is just different. He called her "pretty lady" and she giggled for two hours. She knows every step, every look, and every conversation.

And so it begins...

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Dr.John said...

And I hated it when it began.

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