Thursday, August 6, 2009

Crazy Week

Tomorrow will be my last day of summer vacation, and so many see it as the end of summer, my kids included. Nope, summer is still here, but our vacation is coming to an end. This summer has been rather bittersweet. We have some beautiful memories of the beach and other family times, but we also worked as a family to deal with the remains of the flooding and my mother's recovery from surgery. It has also been a summer of blessings as I was once again reminded about silver liners and sometimes they aren't a cliche.

This last week of summer vacation has been a roller coaster. My mother had a set back with her knee and we spent one night in the ER and one day at her doctor's office. Hopefully, she will now be back on the road to recovery. I also attempted to have a yard sale to raise last minute back to school money, but wow, hard to do when the storm of the century was coming. No, biggie. I still made a few dollars and had a good time with my friends. Nothing better than women sitting under a tent with my BFF's special hot wings and our special sno cones.

I had a discussion this week about what could be my favorite song of all time and this is it:

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