Friday, August 21, 2009

Just a Friday Night Observation

I am sick, my daughter is sick, my son is sick, and countless others around us are coughing and hacking and snotting around my universe. I am just thankful it isn't worse. Two friends in other states have children who have been diagnosed with N1H1, and it makes me realize this cold is just an inconvenience. Well, it is still a coughing, hacking, snotty inconvenience.

I did make it to the grocery store, but only because Thing One wanted ice cream and needed meds. I know that a little bit of mommy love and Ben and Jerry's can make it all better. Well, at least we can fake it better with Ben and Jerry in the house.

Oh, and here is my big observation: I love Ghost Hunters. Jason and Grant rock, and I plan my Wednesdays around them. I enjoy Ghost Adventures on The Travel Channel. This show is what happens when you give impressionable frat boys cameras and a few beers. Yes, they take it more seriously than that, but it has a frat boy with camera and beer feel. That isn't a bad thing actually, and the camera man, Aaron, is a hoot. Now, what is up with that British Show Most Haunted? Every place is haunted, and they run around screaming and crying the entire time. If you have been hired to investigate ghosts, why be that cowardly? I am not a ghost hunter so I have permission to scream and cry; however, they lose every single bit of their street cred with they fall apart. If you go looking for ghosts, you will most likely one day find a ghost.

Okay, enough rambling for this night. Sleep tight and don't go looking for ghosts.

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