Wednesday, August 12, 2009

We Made It!

Thing One had an amazing first day of school and loved every minute of her first day as a big kid, but she has no desire to repeat. She thinks one day of hilarity and learning is enough. It was like attending one big family reunion. She was glad to be there but she would rather stay home. Last night she sat in my lap for hours just going over every worse case scenario in her head. I told her that she had every right to be nervous, and change was hard, but by Monday, she will love it. She looked at me like I was naive, but today she is more in agreement with my line of thinking. She is going to be fine, and I think that her ability to be a leader, not a follower, will help. She doesn't allow other people to dictate her thoughts and accomplishments, and I remember being the same way. My mother said I wasn't marching to my own beat, I was leading the band. I think this fierce streak of independence will serve her well. She even showed it proud and strong today. It isn't cool for them to pack their lunch, but she brought hers proudly. As she put it, she doesn't need to starve to be cool. She would rather be uncool then eat cafeteria food. High five that one!

My day began with adventure. It stormed nonstop from 1:30 to about 5 AM, and I was awake for most of it. I never sleep well before the first day of school, and if you add constant storms, and the potential of flooding to the mix...well, it isn't good. Then, when I opened my cabinet to get out my baking sheet for my first day of school cinnamon buns, there sat a small mouse. I almost died of fright, but I yelled at it like it was human for bothering my first day of school routine. Thing One ran out of her bathroom, grabbed a broom and went all ninja on me. While I stood there laughing, the mouse got away. I hope he enjoyed his day because he will be mine, oh yes, he will be mine. We haven't had any true summer weather, and it has been an eternal spring. I think the constant wet and coolness has brought more of God's creatures to seek shelter in my house. Considering I will rather face a room of 40 teens than one field mouse, this isn't fun, but I am actually proud that this single woman can handle it without having a nervous breakdown. Well, so far anyway.

Here is an observation from my work week:

Can you be a victim when you enable the negative behaviour? If you are aware of the circumstances and consequences then are you a victim of them? No serious crimes or hateful incidents committed, but it seems some people want to be the victim in order to avoid guilt over their actions enabling the problem. They want to place blame instead of reflecting on their own behavior. Honestly, I know from my own past actions, it is sometimes easier to place blame instead of looking inward, and I think this is human nature. Self analysis is a mature act and one difficult to accomplish, but it can be done especially if you know the difference between right and wrong. I am not talking Biblical but basic social cues. I find the true victim is one that cannot avoid the circumstances, nor do they have awareness of the truth behind it. They cannot make rational choices due to life circumstances, or they fall prey due to the choices of others. Mmmm, maybe I am wrong, but this has really playing around my head for the past two days.

Oh, well. I wonder if Thing One will pose with her ninja broom for my scrapbook?

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Hyphen Beth said...

So glad she survived her first day of middle school. Just the thought of going through that again gives me a headache. It is horrible that school is such torture for any child who is intelligent and independent versuses being one of the herd. I hope the rest of her experience is just as positive as today:)

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