Friday, August 28, 2009


During May, I was convinced each day of summer was going to be spectacular. We were going to have a pool. I was going to nonstop barbecue. I would keep each warm day sacred and holy. Didn't really happen that way, not at all. The beach was wonderful, and my sun and sand candles inspired many a daydream, but it wasn't like I imagined. Summer, even as sweet as it was, was centered around my mother's recovery from knee replacement surgery, flood clean-up, and rain. I know we don't live in Forks, WA, but you would have thought it with all of our dreary, rainy summer days. Even though a little summer is better than no summer, nothing lived up to the magazine covers. Due to this endless spring, I wasn't really looking forward to autumn.

Well, my last statement was a tad misleading because I am always looking forward to autumn. It is my favorite season, and I am crazy about every corny fall tradition. This year I have tried to cling to my summer dream, but then I went into my Big Lots tonight, and lo and behold, there was aisle after aisle of fun Halloween and autumn decorations. We played with every single thing that made noise. We played in costumes. We played in the Christmas, yes, Christmas decorations and made the farting Santa sing and dance. Quickly the Friday weariness faded, and the kids and I just gave in to the goofiness. We had a blast, but it also allowed me to look and window shop for new autumn decor. I am now looking forward to crisp nights and candy apples. Bring on the cozy.


Hyphen Beth said...

Warm apple cider with cinammon stick, flannel pj's and meandering walks admiring the colorful leaves. . . . . .:)

Robynbeth said...

I am already counting down to the Pumpkin Festival. I still have that one candle you bought me years ago. Love it.

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