Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Da, Da, Da

I wore my spring/fall suit today. It is tan with chocolate brown accents, and the jacket belts. I wore my ruffled collar blouse underneath with eggplant heels, and I felt organized and productive. Clinton Kelly isn't lying when he says that clothes affect your self-esteem. Students in every class had comments to say because they do not miss a thing. They even notice when I change earrings. I want to share two that made me smile:

"Hey, Ms. ____________, you look like a lawyer!"

"Wow, you look nice today. You look like a dectective."

Okay, I now have my future figured out. If this teaching thing doesn't work, I think I will audition for Law and Order.


Evil Twin's Wife said...


Dr.John said...

But which Law and Order?

*Kat* said...

Love Clinton Kelly - it's nice that your students actually notice.

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