Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sunday, Sunday

I personally have a love/hate relationship with Sunday. It seems an odd day when we seem to embrace the idea of rest, but the ghost of Monday Present is standing just in the corner of our eyes, reminding us that this is only a brief respite from the work day stress and worry. Today is also the 30th anniversary of CBS Sunday Morning, a show that I watch every week and enjoy with my chai tea, but I despised it as a kid because of my dad's obsession with the news. I now notice how my own kids scatter when I turn it on. It is my weekend news, satire, and entertainment. It is part of my Sunday comfort and part of my Sunday religion. I cannot leave or get ready for church until the show is over. I refuse to be rushed on Sunday mornings; I may be late but not rushed.

In honor of this achievement, I want to post my favorite Sunday songs. They all seem to explore the fine line between Saturday night and Sunday morning:

And I think we are all looking for a Sunday kind of Love

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