Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Much Ado About...Nothing


I cannot understand the big deal about Obama's speech to the students of America. It has turned reasonable parents into foaming dogs of war. Students are being kept home today so they will not be exposed to the socialist propaganda of the President. What? The speech isn't brainwashing children in the evil ways of liberalism. It is a pep talk, and one that every student needs. It is about taking responsibility. It is urging students to stay in school. It is urging students to become the best they can be. Even Republican Newt said it was an excellent speech, and on the Today show he urged parents to allow their students to hear it. So what all the hub bub, Bub?

Also, what are we teaching our children when we don't allow them to witness events? That tolerance is only allowed within our own belief system? That if we disagree politically we cannot find common ground? Oh, I know, it is okay to prejudge. Children will parrot our beliefs, and I often stop and wonder how I want my children to present me to the world. I hope and pray they show that I believe in having all the facts. I believe we need to listen and debate instead of spouting off preconceived doctrines. I don't agree with Obama on everything, but I will separate the man and mission. I did the same for George Bush. I disagreed on much of his policies, but I disagreed with respect. That is what I hope they parrot to the world.

This entire mess reminds me that silly purple kangaroo on "Horton Hears a Hoo"; however, we can't always hide our children to the world so they are not exposed to diffrent viewpoints. I think the speech is an amazing way to introduce a positive academic dialogue at home. Watch it as well and discuss it respectfully with your students. Voice your concerns and ask your students their opinions. It is okay to disagree, but model how to disagree with respect. Education begins at home.

Now, can somebody help me off this soapbox?


Robynbeth said...

I just heard the speech, and it was inspiring and honest. A good education is truly needed to survive in today's world, and yes, it is up to the students to take ownership of this process. I liked how he talked about adversity, and how a difficult lift is not justification for failure. So many adults and students want to make excuses failure, but few use failure as motivation. Great, great speech, and you didn’t have to be of one party or another to find meaning in his words.

I am ashamed to say my son's school was one that caved to pressure and didn't show it to its students. I will show it to him when it gets home, but I fear those students who truly need the inspiration will not have a chance to hear it.

Dr.John said...

The speach, of course, was changed after the uproar started. But even if it hadn't been we gain nothing by denying others the right to be heard which is essential to free speech.

Brian Farley said...

Didn't get to see the speech.
What I read of it sounded very Republican with all the talk about personal responsibility. I don't get all the excitement over this particular speech. Presidents have always spoke to children. Remember...Bush was in a classroom doing some one on one indoctrination when he was told about 9/11.

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