Sunday, September 27, 2009

Saturday at the Park

I didn't make it to my usual Six Word Saturday because Thing Two and I had a last minute adventure. My school's soccer team had two spare tickets to the LA Galaxy and Columbus Crew soccer game last night, and not only did they give them to me, but I don't have to pay for them now. One of my co-workers also gave me a ride and away we went into the gloomy rain.

Well, it was really gloomy because Beckham wasn't coming. Dang. I would have loved to see him play, shirtless of course. The man is just amazing, but I am partial to the Crew since they are the closest thing I have to a home team. I LOVE pro soccer, and I was just so happy to be there among the faithful. The energy of the crowd swept over us and carried us away with them. I swear this could seriously become an addiction, and if I lived closer, I would so have season tickets.

Thing One didn't want to go because it was the middle school's homecoming. Yes, she pried away for independence, but I think my little soccer player regretted not going, judging by her messages. Thing Two, well, he was just happy to have an adventure, and this was his first trip to Ohio. He is a positive person, and he was truly just happy to be there.

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Dr.John said...

It is good to share some time with just one child. Glad the game went well and thing 2 was happy.

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