Sunday, September 13, 2009

This Just Makes Me Wonder:

There is a really sweet wedding announcement today from the New York Times where an older couple find love, but there is something in it that made me wonder about perceptions and expectations. She is 60 and he talked about how accomplished she is and wonders why she has never married. Yep, she should be married because she is so great. She does sound like an amazing woman, but I guess many are still buying into "a truth universally acknowledged". Women who are smart and accomplished must want to be married. I married because I bought into the romance of life. It wasn't because we were such wonderful people. I think I know what he meant by his rather nice comment. She is such a catch, and he is just wondering why she had never been caught. I think that maybe she is accomplished due to her lack of marriages. She has been able to grow into the woman she is intended to be because she was able to nurture herself. I am not anti marriage. I hope one day to share my life with somebody; however, you give a part of your soul away with marriage. Sometimes, without realizing it, you forget who you really are. I think this marriage has a better chance for success just because she is aware of herself. Some problems in my marriage were due to my lack of awareness of who I really was. I became what he perceived me to be. I was young and lacked the self-confidence to be myself. In a way, my divorce saved my life. It saved me.
Oh, if you do go to the New York Times, check out the lead story. They are in their 80's and found love after being apart over 70 years. I love it! Inspires me to remember that love doesn't need a timeline.

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Hyphen Beth said...

i love the way that you write, you have an amazing "voice" in your writing that is just wonderful!

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