Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Today's Words of Wisdom

I read the term self-reverence today in a magazine, and I was really struck by it. It isn't funny how we seem to fail to take care of the person we should love the most. I am now planning to be more self-reverent. For years I have put myself down because I didn't think I was worthy of good things. I allowed myself to feel shame for things outside of my control. This is self-loathing, and it is much easier to practice. It is lazy. Self-reverence is going to take work. I have already changed my diet for better health. I am now making sure to incorporate more exercise into my day. I joined a book club. I am enlarging my social circles. I am allowing myself to just be goofy with my kids. I am realizing it isn't selfish to want to be pretty or pretty things. Self-reverence. Yes, it is now a practice I want to preach.


Marisa @ Getting Back To Basics said...

We all need to work on this one. You could start and online club and have people join up.

Hyphen Beth said...

Love this! You are so amazing:)

Robynbeth said...

KB, you are going to make me cry. Thank you both so very much!